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Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs is an after-school enrichment program designed to engage children in entrepreneurial thinking and foster their natural, enterprising spirit. KidPreneurs will learn vital business and entrepreneurial skills while starting their own micro-businesses in a fun and experiential way.


Lemonade Stand Kids

Entrepreneurship Program

Kids are introduced to the building blocks of business in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand – by starting a business…



Entrepreneurship Program

This program guides kids through the steps of setting up their own business and ends with selling their own products or services at Market Day…


Biz Kids

Entrepreneurship Program

In our BizKids Entrepreneur Program, teens learn how to start their own business or they continue working on an existing business or idea, with the potential to…

How These Skills Help Kids

Entrepreneurship challenges children to think “outside of the box,” create unique solutions and become leaders at an early age.

The entrepreneurial mindset teaches kids to depend on themselves for their own success, and results in more self-confidence and opportunities in their lives.

Financial Literacy is one of the most important skill sets an individual can have, but kids are not taught these skills in school. By learning the value of money, how to spend, save and share responsibly, kids will be on their way to becoming financially savvy adults.

Our Approach

We believe children learn best when a hands-on approach is utilized in the learning process. Kids work in small groups and actively participate in each class, while learning life and workplace readiness skills in a fun environment. Our programs help kids:

  • Connect in-class concepts to real world examples
  • Set goals
  • Spot opportunities
  • Understand that making mistakes is an important part of learning
  • Become responsible with money
  • Develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills

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