About Us

Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs was created to introduce children to the world of entrepreneurship at an early age, and to teach them important life skills they can apply to any career choice, in any economic environment.

We aspire to make our programs accessible to children all over the world to help prepare and equip tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs with 21st century skills.

Our entrepreneurship programs have been designed in a kid-friendly, experiential way by successful entrepreneurs working closely with K-12 educational specialists and curriculum designers.

Our team of Lab Leaders come from varied backgrounds; from educators to entrepreneurs and business students. Most importantly, they are outgoing lesson instructors, activity planners and creativity seekers who engage kids with our easy-to-use materials and make the learning process fun. They’re inspiring and passionate about making a difference in the lives of children as they deliver YE Learning Labs’ innovative curriculum.

We are on a mission to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in kids and inspire them to think outside the box, solve problems and follow their passions. We are looking for individuals, schools and organizations to bring entrepreneurship programs across Canada, the US and internationally through our licensing programs.  Join us in making an impact in the lives of children all over the world.


Tressa, Wood – Founder and CEO

Tressa Wood is the founder and CEO of Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs. Tressa has dedicated her career to building and growing businesses, helping to turn local start-ups into household names, including her role as VP of Operations with 1-800-GOT-JUNK? and CEO and Co-Owner with the very fashionable Men in Kilts. After more than 20 years of leading organizations and streamlining business operations, she is now pursuing her new dream. Tressa aimed to start her daughters on an entrepreneurial path from a young age so they could follow their passions and enjoy the freedoms entrepreneurship provides, but it didn’t exist in textbooks. This led to the creation of Young Entrepreneur Learning Labs.

Her two young daughters are her sources of inspiration and she’s thrilled to pass on the highly contagious entrepreneurial spirit to children everywhere. She believes in the power of their creativity and their potential to do extraordinary things.